Softwares labeled by AUDIPOG-CNGOF

Which complete the report co-published by the AUDIPOG and the CNGOF (French National College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) : "Informatiser une base de données périnatales, pourquoi ? Comment ?", and which present a perinatal information system created to :

  • help patient management,
  • to supervise and to evaluate the practices of the maternity units; (activity schedule),
  • to control perinatal care networks,
  • while preventing multiple and repetitive capture of the same data :
    • automated extraction of mothers' and newborns' RUM,
    • automated extraction of health certificate and other files...
    • exchange of information between maternity units and between maternity units and neonatology services

Some software publishers have decided to adapt their software to the General Conditions presented in the report and have signed an agreement with the AUDIPOG, that establishes their mutual commitments: software compliance tests (supervision of the necessary modifications) as well as commitments of "medical maintenance" of the system (database updating, export procedures, communication and analysis, introduction of new units).

Currently 4 sotwares are labeled : (in order to know the particulars of the publishers, click on their name)

Name of the software Publishers' name Labelling Specification
ICOS Maternité MEDICODE Gold label Périnatalité (màj 2021 installée) - IVG - Gynécologie
DIAMM Mère-Enfant MICRO 6 Gold label Périnatalité (màj 2021 fournie) - IVG - Gynécologie
M-CrossWay Maincare Solutions Agrément simple Périnatalité (màj 2021 fournie)
ORBIS (PNAT-V1)* DEDALUS Agrément simple Périnatalité (màj 2021 fournie)