File computerisation / Label

L'AUDIPOG, en collaboration avec le CNGOF, a rédigé en 1998 un cahier des charges des logiciels en périnatalité. L'objectif étant ici de réunir l'ensemble des spécificités que doit présenter un logiciel de gestion de dossiers médicaux appliqué au champ de la périnatalité.

Currently, the perinatal file is not any more a « service file » but a « network file » ; computerisation is not individual anymore but it establishes a communication between the different health agents.

That's the reason why, from 1999, the France-Périnat information system has been developed by the AUDIPOG and the CNGOF jointly

The AUDIPOG has set up the General Conditions on the network computerisation, fulfilling that way professionals’ goals. The principle is based on the setting up of the service and practices computerisation, in conformity with their own way of working, and on the duplication of the data necessary to other professionals in a communication platform. In that way, each maternity unit has its own perinatal database and each health agent is able to query the file of his patients in the common platform.
This philosophy is in conformity with the recommendations of the Fieschi report sent to JF Mattéi (French Health Minister) dealing with health information systems.

The establishment of an agreement with the software editors, who have adapted their product to the new database and to its General Conditions, provides professionals with :

  • the guarantee of conformity of the software with these General Conditions,
  • the automated extraction of the RUM (medical units summary) and of health certificates,
  • the automated edition of the presentation of the maternity unit activity,
  • the automated data export to the sentinel maternity units network,
  • the later updating of the software as the file develops (particularly the addition of data concerning the transfers of mothers and neonates).

AUDIPOG, after check of the good implementation of its specifications, give a label to software editors.

The AUDIPOG Charter

A partnership agreement between AUDIPOG / Publishers / Health workers based on the respect of a scientific and ethic Charter.