AUDIPOG's historic

AUDIPOG is an association of health workers working together since 1980 for the development of an information system in perinatality in order to control perinatal health in France continuously and to assess medical practices.

2018 Our association is now referenced in Datadock as training organisation.
2014 Publication of Volet Grossesse et Périnatalité (Cadre d'Interopérabilité des Systèmes d'Information de Santé) by ASIP Santé with the participation in its elaboration of AUDIPOG since 2011.
2013 Our website has been updated. We thank you for giving ourselves your remarks.
2012 Database on the website has been changed. We have, for every maternity and each year, just one month.
2009 AUDIPOG is an approved body for continuing professional development by HAS until November 29th, 2011.
2008 Certification of Web site by HON.
Works in collaboration with HAS. Databases as methodology for continuing professional development scheme.
2007 Updates of AUDIPOG files and specifications.
2006 Resumption of the activities of the society AUDIVAL by AUDIPOG.
Agreement with CNGOF and CNSF.
2003 Creation of AUDIVAL, AUDIPOG's partner society, advice, studies, information system research and health assessment
2000 Structuring of the France-Périnat information system.
puce The perinatal file shared between networks
1999 Creation of the AUDIPOG website.
puce Statistical consultation of the AUDIPOG database.
1998 Labelling of perinatal softwares.
puce Automation of the exports to institutional systems (PMSI, CS8,...)
1994 Creation of the AUDIPOG Sentinel Network.
puce Currently 1 051 785 births.
1980 Creation of the AUDIPOG by the Pr. Claude Sureau.
puce First common perinatal file, which is currently a reference within the speciality