The France-Périnat information system

Currently, the perinatal file is not any more a « service file » but a « network file » ; computerisation is not individual anymore but it establishes a communication between the different health agents.

The AUDIPOG has set up the General Conditions on the network computerisation, fulfilling that way professionals’ goals. The principle is based on the setting up of the service and practices computerisation, in conformity with their own way of working, and on the duplication of the data necessary to other professionals in a communication platform. In that way, each maternity unit has its own perinatal database and each health agent is able to query the file of his patients in the common platform.
This philosophy is in conformity with the recommendations of the Fieschi report sent to JF Mattéi (French Health Minister) dealing with health information systems.

Le système d'information France-Périnat est développé conjointement par l'AUDIPOG et le CNGOF

icone pdfConsult the White Paper (1999)

The AUDIPOG Charter

A partnership agreement between AUDIPOG / Publishers / Health workers based on the respect of a scientific and ethic Charter.