The data

The current database is composed of 1 124 237 files ollected throughout 24 years (from 1994 to 2017) from 256 maternity units (around 60 maternity units each year)

  • files covering a period of one month per year at least of the patients who have delivered
  • anonymous files (maternity and patients)
  • 300 variables per file

These files are transmitted by the maternity units by Internet, floppy disc or in paper form when the maternity units are waiting for computerisation. They are subject to a validation procedure before being pooled.

The centralised file is subject to a complete statistical study thanks to the SAS system (variables description, crossing of variables, selection of subgroups and analysis). The results are diffused in a booklet at the end of each year and in Internet

You can consult the list of all the participating maternity units by clicking here