The AUDIPOG files and their evolution

The first AUDIPOG common perinatal file, was created in 1982, in order to promote the computerisation of the maternity units.
That’s why the first AUDIPOG common file, created by a multidisciplinary workgroup of professionals (gynaecologists and obstetricians, midwives, paediatrician-neonatologists and epidemiologists) was conceived as a “service file” which contained the variables that had to appear in each perinatal file. Two files in paper form and medically compatible were brought forward :
- the common file (in 3 notebooks),
- the minimum file (in a 24 page notebook)

In 1994, when the Sentinel Network was created, the contents of the minimum file were chosen as "minimal common section" to be sent to the network. As for the maternity units which were not yet computerized, a minimum sheet containing only 70 variables was proposed (4 pages).

In 1997, with the need to code the information system of medicalisation program (PMSI in french), professionals wanted to have a computerized service file which would allow them to collect first the data necessary for their activity care and supervision of patients, while automating those requested by the organisms of the State (PMSI coding, first health certificate of the newborn, etc.). That’s why the file was completely modified, in collaboration with the CNGOF (Collège national des gynécologues obstétriciens français- French national college of obstetrician gynaecologists) and presented in three compatible files in paper form :
- the common file (in 3 notebooks),
- the standard file (in a 40 page notebook),
- the minimum file (in 16 pages), less extensive but enough to extract automatically the PMSI.

The new "common information section" of the sentinel network has also been developed with the insertion of 200 variables necessary to evaluate practices.

In 1998, the perinatal care network organisation appeared, as well as the need to evaluate networks and practices applied in these networks. Four societies from the same field (CNGOF, FNPN (Fédération nationale des pédiatres néontologistes - French paediatricians neontologists federation), SFMP (Société française de médecine périnatale – French perinatal medicine society) and the AUDIPOG have set up a list of evaluation tools and indicators of perinatal care networks. New workgroups haven been created inside the Audipog in order to make :
- maternal transfer sheet,
- neonatal transfer sheet

In 2002, the AUDIPOG files changed their presentation which is now more pleasant and coloured

Since 2003, AUDIPOG files are regularly updated.
Personalised versions have been proposed to perinatal networks, in order to preserve « the common information section », bringing at the same time a personalised format and specific data corresponding to the centres of interest of each network.